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The election cycle is upon us --
each club should know what is
allowed and what is not allowed.
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July 2014

Kate Burch and Tammy Puff deserve huge kudos for the fantastic job they did providing a wonderful first ever free membership service Judicial Day. Carol Salome knew just what to put in a box lunch to fit everyone's tastes.....and presented it so beautifully. Our Ohio Supreme Court Justices Kennedy, French, Lanzinger and Chief Justice O'Connor rolled out the red carpet for us. Thank you to all!!! We had 79 in attendance for the day.

Big thank yous are given, also, to all these sponsors, who made the day possible:
Valoria C. Hoover
O'Connor for Judge
Re-Elect Justice Lanzinger Committee
Estratton Consulting
Baldwin for Judge Committee
DeWine for Ohio
Husted for Ohio
Warren Republican Women
Gillian Holzhauser-Graber
Kathi Creed
Lyn Bliss

Our Public Relations Co-chairs Sara Donlon and Penny Seiple are working to compile the first newsletter that has been sent out by the OFRW in over three years. From what I have seen and heard so far, this will be a fantastic communication tool! Future quarterly publications will be available for an annual subscription rate of $5. We truly regret having to charge for this, but at the cost of postage, we have no alternative. $5 is basically what the cost to the OFRW is for printing and mailing of the four newsletters you will receive for your annual subscription. Subscription information will be available in the newsletter and will be posted here on the website after the newsletter is mailed. The committee has also filmed a promotional video and it is in the editing process - you should have the treat of seeing it at our Fall Conference.

The Executive Committee met on June 19 and took several actions. We will be setting up a blast email service, as the previous individual emailing has become too cumbersome due to the large number of members now having emails. You will be seeing a difference in the quality of the communications you receive via email.

Additionally, the Committee made the decision to use a mass calling service for OFRW information purposes only (and will not be used for campaign calls). This will be used to call all members regarding upcoming events and any other important information of which members should be made aware. Don't worry, your phone will not be ringing off the hook from OFRW asking you to vote for someone - we leave that up to the candidates.

The OFRW Campaign Committee Co-chairs Terri Studer, Michael Evans and Amy Casner presented their new campaign program to the Executive Committee. This will be the first time the OFRW has ever had a program to coordinate campaign efforts throughout the state. This will provide our members with opportunities to make a meaningful impact in getting Republicans elected. Target date for unveiling of this "Full Action Tool-Kit" is prior to August 1 - be watching for great new ways to help our Republican Candidates!

September 12- 13: The OFRW Program Committee and Hospitality Committee are busily putting together the OFRW Fall Conference to be held at the Moundbuilders Country Club in Newark, Ohio. Two NEW items are going to be incorporated - a Hospitality Room will be open for all on Friday night at the Marriott Courtyard Newark Hotel (where the OFRW has rooms blocked at a reduced rate). Another "First" will be the Legacy Luncheon on Friday. This is a luncheon held at which our members whose 25 years or more of membership have provided a legacy for our organization. More details will be following about this event -- but, for now, will your club please make sure to submit the names of all current members who have been members for 25 years or more including the date they first joined. We would like to make sure as many of these ladies as possible, who have given long support and service to our organization, are honored. Please submit your list to: or call our Executive Secretary Julia Smythe at (614) 456-2054.

We have much for which to thank the ladies who have kept our organization going over the past 85 years -- and we will be celebrating that 85th Anniversary at the Fall Conference. We owe the biggest debt to Katherine Kennedy Brown for coming upon the OFRW scene in August 1940, at the age of 49, and revitalizing our organization. Brown called a meeting with the Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee to reactivate the organization and was elected President, where she served until 1972. The organization's goal was to educate women about the Republican Party and to encourage women to be active in the party. Ohio was accepted into the NFRW with 200 clubs (at least one in each of the 88 Counties) and 6,000 members. By 1941, the OFRW had a membership of 331 clubs and 15,000 dues-paying members. Katherine Kennedy Brown had a goal of 50,000 members in Ohio. The closest that goal came to being reached was 369 clubs and 40,000 members in 1970. Ladies - let's see if we can't set our sights on fulfilling her dreams in the years to come!

One of the stated objectives of the OFRW is to: "Give exposure to and work actively for all Republican candidates." The OFRW will be distributing campaign cards for the women who are running for Supreme Court re-election. These will be distributed to each club's President for each member to address 10 cards and send  to friends. 

As I travel around the state, our clubs have impressed me so VERY greatly. We are an outstanding group of dedicated, informed and active women!! I have now visited 20 of our clubs this year -- and each one has such unique and wonderful attributes that I have difficulty finding adequate words to express how very rewarding it has been to get to know the members and learn what they are doing. If I have not been to your club, be assured that I am anticipating a visit soon!

Just two items of information to share with you regarding etiquette: when starting meetings, it should be "God before Country" -- prayer and then pledge.  With the Independence Day celebrations coming up on July 4th -- be sure to honor our flag properly, as we all should throughout the year. For  some "Star Spangled Manners" click HERE.

With our increased participation in leadership, we are indeed revitalizing and starting to see many of our positive new goals being achieved. Those who have been so supportive of that new revitalization and growth cannot be thanked enough ─ they are proof positive that there is no "i" in "Team" and that ANYTHING is possible when no one worries about who gets credit. The OFRW team's effort is definitely showing tangible results!

God Bless the United States of America!

Respectfully yours,

Lyn Bliss, President
Available for your Club
to use at Fairs and Festivals
Membership Display Posters

The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used at fairs and festivals in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard. Please contact membership chair Robin Dodge to arrange for your club to have use of these materials.
(Click on poster to download the .pdf file.)
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Club Achievement Awards Forms
Now Available on the NFRW Website

       The club achievement awards forms are now available on the NFRW website and can be accessed by clicking HERE. Clubs are encouraged to fill out the awards forms progressively over the next year. They are due to the NFRW Achievement Awards Committee no later than June 30, 2015, although programs and events scheduled to take place after that can be counted until the end of December 2015.
       Clubs will be recognized at the 38th Biennial Convention in Phoenix, Arizona September 10-13, 2015.
Apple Dumpling Day
 OFRW Board enjoys social event

OFRW Board Members were invited to Greenville's KitchenAid Experience for a Saturday morning Apple Dumpling making lesson. The group was welomed by Greenville Mayor Mike Bowers and Darke County Republican Party Chairman Mike Rieman. While the dumplings were baking, the group strolled downtown Greenville and had lunch at Montage.
~ Missy Mae Walters photos

OFRW Executive Committee
Holds Meeting

Debborah Wallace explains various aspects of insurance coverage and bonding of officers to the committee.

Campaign Co-chair Michael Evans identifies and explains the "Full Action Tool Kit" for campaign information and services that Terri Studer, Amy Casner and she (co-chairs of the Campaign Committee) will be putting in place shortly.

Matthew McAuliffe explained robo-call options. In addition, the Executive Committee heard from Kevin Bingle regarding information and options for blast email services.
~ Tammy Puff Photos
DeWine Ice Cream Social

OFRW President Lyn Bliss, Ohio Republican Women On-line President Ali Wills and OFRW Board Member and State Central Committee member Stephanie Garrett. Just a few of the many OFRW Women who attended Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Ice Cream Social. Huge crowd and wonderful pies baked by Fran DeWine and family.
Sue Smail
OFRW Women in Business Chair Elected
Wayne County Central Committee Chair

Wayne County Republican Officials to be sworn in July 8, (l to r): Secretary Julie Leathers, Central Committee Vice-chairman Doug Deeken, Chairman Sue Smail, Executive Committee Vice-chairman Mike Agnoni and Treasurer Dave Tschantz
Canfield Republican Women
Hold Fundraiser


The Canfield Republican Women’s Club held their annual Fundraiser on June .  This year the ladies tried a new event and it was a huge success - a great time was had by all.  The Fundraiser was a Quarter Auction.  We had approximately 120 people in attendance.
The ladies of the Club donated 105 items to be auctioned off.  All of the items were collected and numbered by our Chairwoman, Pat Woomer.  The first 6 Items were sold by George Roman, one of our local auctioneers, by way of the normal Live Auction.  Following that, the remaining 98 items were placed in the Quarter Auction.

Tickets were sold in advance for the Quarter Auction and the price of the ticket included a numbered Bidding Paddle, Ping Pong Ball with corresponding number and Hors d’ oeuvres.  As guests arrived, they received their Bidding Paddle and Ping Pong Ball.  The numbered Ping Pong Ball was placed in a “Squirrel Cage”.  Each table, with guests of 8 - 10 people, had a metal bucket in the center of the table.  Each guest also received a catalog itemizing the prizes to be auctioned along with the donor of the item and the value of the item/prize.   All guests were asked to bring a lot of quarters with them or they could purchase quarters from our Club Treasurer, Katherine Wolfe (she was buried in quarters by the end of the evening). 
This is how the Quarter Auction works.  As an item/prize comes up, the value of the item is noted and anyone wishing to raise their bidding paddle, to take a chance on winning the item, is required to place a quarter or quarters in the bucket in the center of the table.  For example, a $15.00 Gift Certificate for Dunkin Donuts would require a bidder to place One Quarter in the Bucket in the center of their table.  All guests who had placed a quarter in their bucket would then raise their Bidding Paddle.  When all Paddles (only those paddles where the guest had paid the quarter) were raised in the air, a Ping Pall Ball was drawn from the Squirrel Cage.  The person with the Bidder Paddle that corresponded to the number on the Ping Pong Ball won the Dunkin Donuts gift certificate.  If a number was called and the owner of that Bidder Paddle had not paid a quarter for the right to participate in the chance on the gift certificate, another number would be drawn.
The number of quarters required went up incrementally with the value of the item being auctioned.  For example an item valued at $20.00 - $40.00 would require 2 quarters be thrown into the bucket, etc.  The most expensive items/prizes required 4 quarters to be placed in the buckets.

Diogenes Supper Club
a satellite of
Greater Dayton Republican Women's Club
(Only Satellite Group in Ohio)

The Diogenes Supper Club was formed as a satellite group associated with the Greater Dayton Republican Women's Club. Their purpose is to gather for supper and have frank and insightful discussions regarding things Republican and of a conservative nature. OFRW Political Education / Legislative Chair Kate Burch is the chair of the group.
~ Robin Dodge Photo
Highland County Republican Women's Club
Holds Meeting - Hosts OFRW

Highland County Republican Women's Club held its regular monthly meeting and hosted OFRW officers Lyn Bliss and Robin Dodge. Shown after the meeting are front row (L to R): Claudia Klein, Eleanor Cornelius, Roz Newman, Linda Bowman, and Barb Hodge. Back Row (L to R): HCRWC President Vickie Warnock, OFRW President Lyn Bliss, OFRW Past-president Kay Ayres, Paulette Donley.
~ Robin Dodge Photo
Hocking County Women's Republican Club
Holds Meeting - Hosts OFRW

Hocking County Republican Women's Club held its regular monthly meeting and hosted OFRW officers and guests. Left to right around the table are Hocking County Auditor Ken Wilson, HCRWC President Judy Zell, Denise Whalen (partially hidden), Secretary Shiela McAfee, Tina Lindsay, OFRW President Lyn Bliss and guest Dr. Roxanne Cech.

~ Robin Dodge Photo

Morgan County Republican Women's Club
Holds Regular Meeting - Hosts NFRW and OFRW

MCRWC members pray prior to their regular monthly meeting.
~Robin Dodge Photo
Muskingum County Women's Republican Club
works to support candidates

MCWRC helps staff the Republican booth - Muskiangum County Commissioner Todd Sands, 5th District Court of Appeals Judge Craig Baldwin, NFRW Women's Health Issues Chair / OFRW Women's Health Co-chair / OFRW Sergeant at Arms and MCWRC President April Cohagen-Gibson presenting a friendly Republican presence.
Richland County Republican Women's Club
Hosts Special May Luncheon

Janet Weir Creighton speaking to the Richland County Republican Women's Club May luncheon.
RCRWC Holds Regular Monthly Meeting
and Hosts OFRW Officials

RCRWC Treasurer Willie Hunn models her George H. W. Bush signature socks while OFRW Membership Co- chair Cindy Bias and OFRW Membership Chair Robin Dodge look on.

Some of the guests and officers gather after the RCRWC meeting, left to right, OFRW Membership Chair Robin Dodge, OFRW Membership Co-chair Cindy Bias, Judge of Richland County Court of Common Pleas Brent Robinson, OFRW President Lyn Bliss, RCRWC President Robin Hawkins, and OFRW Photography Chair/Caring for America Co-chair and Political Education/Legislative Co-chair Tammy Puff. 
~Tammy & Ron Puff Photos
Warren County Republican Women
Award Scholarships
           Mrs. Gardner and Kristen Gardner

WCRWC held a Scholarship Dinner for recipients Kristen Gardner (Lebanon High School) and Tara Trammell (Franklin High School). Kristen will be attending Ohio University and Tara will be attending Miami University.

Tara and her parents could not be in attendance due to a prior commitment.
Washington County Women's Republican Club Officers Gather

WCWRC officers hosted OFRW representatives for a coffee meeting in Belpre, Ohio. Left to right around the table are WCWRC Treasurer Angela Tucker, OFRW President Lyn Bliss, OFRW Membership Chair Robin Dodge, WCWRC Secretary Karen Morris and WCWRC President Anita White.
Xenia Republican Women's Club
Noted author and OFRW SW District VP
Author Larry Schweikart, Southwest District Vice-president Missy Mae Walters and Xenia Vice-president Janine Montgomery presenting Schweikart a cake commemorating his book, "48 Liberal Lies about American History".
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