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A message from
Janet Kushlan
OFRW Membership Chair
Membership Challenge Workshop
Various challenges were presented to the breakout groups at the OFRW Spring Conference and each was given a challenge to solve. Here are the innovative results!

Challenge: Rural County with 3-4 towns with an uncooperative county chair.
  • Arrange a free meet & greet
  • Township Hall debates
  • Obtain list of registered voters from Board of Elections
  • Contact central committee women
  • Contact spouses of elected officials
  • Place signs in local businesses
  • Participate in local events
o    CC classes
o    Parades
o    County Fairs & Festivals
  • Assist with fundraisers
  • Utilize Social Media
  • Obtain assistance from the OFRW/RNC/ORP/NFRW

Challenge: Urban County with a large city predominantly Democratic and a weak County Chair.
  • Educate the community on what the party stands for
  • Network with other counties that are geographically close
  • Participate in local events
o    Parades
o    County Fairs & Festivals
o    Recruit thru community groups
o    Outreach to students via civic and government classes
o    Utilize Social media
o    Robo calls educating on issues etc

Challenge: County with 2 to 3 inactive clubs with no intention of working together.
  • Meet with those members willing to discuss the current situation to open the lines of communications
  • Listen
  • Formulate corrective action plan
  • Implement action plan
  • Follow up
  • Be Supportive
  • Have some wine!
Challenge: In order to be a strong vital organization we need members of all age groups. How do we appeal to women under 50?
  • Utilize Social Media
  • Change approach
  • Change meeting times and location
  • Provide speakers that appeal to your audience
  • Offer family oriented events
  • Provide a member/mentor program
  • Change perception of “old ways”
  • Provide volunteer efforts within the community
Challenge: Options to re-energize a club
  • Make it fun
  • Give the members a reason to come
  • Provide some social events i.e. theater, shopping, wine tastings
  • Provide speakers
  • Provide volunteering opportunities
  • Vary meetings both time and locations
  • Ask the members what they want
  • Educate the community about your club. What we do and who we are
  • Provide childcare
Challenge: Starting a New Club
  • Contact OFRW president to assist
  • Get your community officials to speak at meetings
  • Pick up non OFRW clubs
  • Develop core group of 10 women
  • Complete all OFRW paperwork and steps (See New Club on the OFRW site)
  • Name & elect officers
  • Have a party to celebrate the club. Challenge the members to bring a buddy
  • Utilize media and Social media to announce events

Judicial Voter Guide issued
Click HERE to find out about the new judicial voter guide that will feature candidate profiles, information about what judges do, descriptions about the duties of different courts, and brief videos of former judges explaining how the court system works.

Click HERE to view the first quarter issue of Victory's Voice -
the OFRW Newsletter.

Click HERE to view the latest issue of the Roundtable

Click HERE to download a .pdf file of the latest Roundtable

Click HERE to view the flipbook of what the NFRW has accomplished during the past two years.

Click HERE to view the latest Capital Connection

Click HERE to downlad a high definition version of the NFRW membership video. Click HERE to view the video.
Great Ideas for
Meetings, Projects and Communications

Please click HERE for some great information for leading your club -
provided by the National Federation of Republican Women
If your club does not have a Facebook page or group, it would be a great idea to find someone in your club to start and maintain one for your club. If your club does have a Facebook page and it is not listed in the links under the "On The Web" tab of the menu bar, please email your Facebook Group name by clicking HERE.
Some Tips for Planning Club Meetings
  • Cotact Campaign Chair April Cohagen-Gibson to schedule a Voter Registration seminar in January or February
  • The Awards form is a good basis for chosing programs for the year
  • Click the speakers tab on this website for some good program ideas
  • Call the district representative for each of the state level elected officials to be a guest speaker at one of your meetings
  • Get together with a neighboring club for an activity
  • Ask the OFRW to print cards for you to send out inviting new members
  • Browse other clubs' Facebook pages, webpages and websites for ideas on what each is doing
  • Club Presidents - be sure to try to have a conversation with your District Vice-president at least once every quarter. They are a good link for you to access a multitude of resources.
  • Work with Membership Chair Janet Kushlan on ideas for increasing your club's membership.
Canfield Republican Women's Club 
to hold Quarter Auction

  Great FUNd Raiser!

Click HERE to download a printable .pdf of the above flyer
Erie County Republican Women
Publish Club Flyer

Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file of the above flyer
Club Treasurers - Please Remember

As your dues come in from members, please send them to the OFRW with the completed membership reporting form. The form may be found in your President's Leadership Manual or online by clicking HERE. As your club collects dues for 2016—please also remember that your club treasurer is to submit $5 for OFRW and $10 for NFRW membership for each person in your club. The ONLY people to whom this does not apply are men — and women who pay their primary membership dues through another Federated Club.

Everything you might
want to know about
all aspects of the
Voting Process

  • Register to vote
  • Update your voter information
  • View your sample ballot
  • Learn how to vote absentee
  • Find your County's Board of Elections

Click HERE for a
List of all the
 Presidential Primary

    -- Dates
    -- Delegates per election

Click HERE to follow current delegate count for each nominee

New Volunteer Portal for the Cleveland

To let the Convention Organizers know that you would be interested in volunteering click HERE

 Interested in attending the 2016 Republican Convention?
For a special offer from the
Ohio Republican Party
Click HERE
NFRW's "Rosie" visits Ohio
Receptions planned by:
Ottawa County RWC, Erie County RWC, RW of Greater Cleveland & Canfield RWC

OFRW Spring Conference
Der Dutchman - Belleville
Multi-county Event to be Held

Clidk HERE to download a .pdf of the above flyer
Click HERE to download a .pdf of Loren Spivack's biography
Click HERE to download a .pdf of where Loren Spivack has spoken

Here's a GREAT Community Service
project for your club!

Help maintain the Governor's Mansion Gardens

From Ohio's former First Lady Hope Taft:

"I realize that I have been remiss in not including the OFRW in the happenings at the Governors Residence.

I have attached several things:
  • A form encouraging people to contact us if they want to volunteer in the Heritage Garden as a Governors Gardeners or  as a docent or guide  (I go up every other Wednesday from May through October to work with the garden volunteers.) Click HERE
  • A general form for membership in the Friends. Click HERE
  • Information on the summer trip we have planned to go to Lakeside August 16-19 to hear lectures and see special natural areas in NW Ohio.  It's going to be a fun and relaxing time. Click HERE
  • A schedule for the summer. Click HERE
The Friends completely fund the Heritage Garden and those things within the Residence that the state does not repair -- and it is in dire need of financial resources, so I appreciate your spreading the word,linking to the Friends website and doing what you can to help.

Thanks so much, 

Hope Taft, chair
Heritage Garden Committee"
A great program idea --
Rivers Unlimited

Click HERE to download a printable .pdf of the above
Just some of the events your club could participate in/help with. Contact: President Aaron Rourke at 513-761-4003 or email him by clicking HERE. He is one of many listed on the Speakers page of this website - click HERE
Hocking County Women's Republican Club
Unveils New Webpage


Click HERE to visit the HCWRC Webpage
Calling all OFRW Members

Will you please take photos at your club events and submit them to the OFRW Webmaster -- so they may be featured on the homepage. We'd like to see some different faces here.......... And, other clubs would like to see what you are doing! Please include list of names and brief description of the photo. Also, any information you would like to submit for 2015's second edition of the OFRW Newsletter, please do so! Click HERE to submit information. THANKS!

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Click each title to access the page:

Ohio Federation of Republican Women
OFRW  Club Presidents
OFRW Political
OFRW Central
OFRW Northeast
OFRW Northwest
OFRW South
OFRW Southwest

Each of these pages are to be used to share ideas, thoughts, achievements, congratulations, etc. Please make use of them. You may just find a solution when you are faced with a problem! Check into your district page and find out what information your District Vice-president has to offer to the clubs in your district!
Click HERE to visit the Membership webpage

Don't miss using these great membership building tools:
Membership Display Posters
to use at Fairs, Festivals and Republican Events
The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard.

For more information regarding the various themed membership campaigns,
click HERE to contact Membership Chair Janet Kushlan 
What does the Republican Party stand for, believe in, and fight for???
??  Have you ever read the Republican Party Platform  ??
Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file.
Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: [email protected] ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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