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Featured Speaker

Taking Action, Getting Results
With the Masses and the Media


Linda Lee Tarver
Linda Lee has served the people of the state of Michigan for more than 30 years and is currently the Community Affairs Director for the Michigan Department of State. In 2013, Ms. Tarver was appointed by Governor Snyder to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Tarver is currently President of the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan. In addition to her public service, She is a businesswoman and president of Tarver Consulting. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology and is pursuing a doctorate of education with an emphasis in organizational leadership.
Workshop Presenters
Taking Action
Deciding to Run
Getting Results
How to Win

Kim Jorns

Currently the National Field Finance Director for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Previously a Regional Political Director for the RNC. She has served as both Finance Director and Executive Director for a number of State Parties.

Terri Reid

Named by Campaigns & Elections as a top GOP influencer. Reid is currently President of The Michigan Freedom Fund. Previously she served as Director of External Affairs for Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder where she generated support for the Governor’s agenda with oversight of appointments.
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Meet Your OFRW Slate of Officers

for the
 2018-2019 Term


Janet Kushlan
Bolton Republican Women's Club
First Vice-president

Mary Beth Kemmer
Miami County Republican Women's Club

Andrea Barnes
Federated Republican Women of Summit  County

Lyn Bliss
Miami County Republican Women's Club
Central District

Mary Lou Saliaris
Delaware County Republican Women's Club
East District

Michelle Blanton
Pickaway County
Women's Republican Club
Northeast District

Carol Lovas
Ashtabula County
Republican Women
Northwest District

Beverley Hirzel
Wood County Republican Women's
South Districtal

Sandy Darby
Pickaway County Women's
 Republican Club
Southwest District

CJ Bieghler
Beavercreek Republican
Women's Club
These are your OFRW Slate Members
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OFRW Delegation
139th NFRW Biennial

  ~ By Beverley Hirzel, President
Wood County Republican Women's Club

   Philadelphia welcomed the OFRW delegation to the NFRW 39th Biennial
Convention on the 230th Anniversary of the Constitution of the United State of America!
   Can you imagine what a thrill it was to attend this convention? I am the President of Wood County Republican Women’s Club (WCRWC), a newly rechartered club. To be among so many talented women leaders, listening to them in open meetings, trading state pins, networking on ideas was just so exciting and purposeful! I am pretty sure WCRWC First VP Linda Amos felt the same way. We were pumped up with the thoughts of this City and the future of the NFRW and GOP.
   When we were not in session we could get out of the great hotel and walk about the beautiful City of Brotherly Love and take in the monumental significance of what has taken place for the good of our country. The weather was beautiful during the whole time in Philadelphia, making it easy to walk to breakfast or dinner when we were on “our own”. It is amazing how you can interact with local people when you sit at the counter and talk with other diners!
   The dedication given by our NRW officers, board members and neighboring state clubs from the Original 13 Colonies that helped develop and make successful this 39th Convention was evident throughout the convention. The Friday Night
Opening event was at the National Constitution Center — newly unveiled to the public. Great exhibits and an inspiring facility.
   Saturday General Session had a wonderful patriotic video presentation: “Red White and Blue”, by Terrie Frankel, Arizona. I think each NFRW club needs one to play at
a meeting from time to time.
   Saturday Luncheon brought us Peggy Grande, former Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. What a slide show!
   OFRW President Lyn Bliss received the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award honoring her extraordinary leadership and inspiration to Ohio and to the NFRW. A first for an OFRW President!
   There were four workshops: Membership: Focusing on What Works (which I attended), Issues: Making a Difference; Campaigns: Building a Grassroots Army (which Linda Amos attended); and Elections: Safeguarding American Democracy. We garnered great ideas to bring back to our clubs. We can be sure if there is a idea for the betterment of the Clubs in NFRW you will hear it at a convention.
   Saturday evening Awards Ceremony was so much fun. Just watching the excitement of each Club receiving Club Achievement Awards demonstrated excellence in membership development, campaign activities, community relations, programs and club functions.
   Morrow County RW Organization and WCRWC received Bronze Club Achievement Awards. This was not an easy award to win and I just imagined how difficult winning a Diamond was! It is not about an individual, it is about the entire club participating. What we do for our Club and our communities is a group effort and therefore a group award. Linda and I were very honored to receive the Award on behalf of the
   OFRW was well represented with Leadership, State and Club recognition. Sunday General Session saw OFRW President Lyn Bliss receive the Betty Heitman Accomplishment Award for State Excellence ─ the first time in over ten years that OFRW has received any award.
   The Proposed Bylaw Amendments and Proposed Resolutions were a lesson in democracy and Parliamentary Procedure! We can be sure if there is a proposed Bylaw or proposed resolution on the floor for a vote that our discussion for or against was heard as the attending members spoke at the microphone to the assembly and officers. Ohio’s Small Partnership Exception was adopted by the NFRW. We can all participate at these conventions and should.
   The programs and events were fast paced with meetings, greetings and great times from so many women! Texas alone had one hundred representatives from their State. I believe the final count for attendance, with guests, was over 900! That is a lot of women talking and discussing.
   Laughter was present during many of the programs by personal appearance or video. Always enjoyable to hear from Diamond and Silk. Each
speaker had a great point to make about our Republican leaders, past and present, but my favorite was from Senator Roy Blunt (paraphrasing): “On your darkest day, no matter how difficult things are going for you, remember, Hillary is not our President! That will make you smile. I use that thought often.”
   We know we are in the hands of great leaders as we move forward and anticipate the 40th NFRW Biennial Convention to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

OFRW's Betty Heitman Accomplishment Award

OFRW President Lyn Bliss's
Ronald Reagan Leadership Award

Morrow County RW Organization receives the Bronze Achievement Award for 2016—2017 club years. L to R: MCRWO 2016 President Dixie Shinaberry, NFRW President Carrie Almond, 2017  MCRWO President Patricia Davies.

Wood County RWC receives the Bronze Achievement Award for 2016—2017 club years. L to R: WCRWC President Bev Hirzel, NFRW President Carrie Almond, WCRWC VP Linda Amos.

Voting members of the OFRW Delegation are (L to R): Patricia Davies (Morrow County RW Organization President - Club Delegate), Robin Dodge (Greater Dayton WRC President - Club Delegate), Bev Hirzel (Wood County RWC President - Club Delegate), Dixie Shinaberry (Morrow County RW Organization - Member at Large Delegate), Kristin Peters (Bolton RWC Club - Club Delegate Proxy), Lyn Bliss (OFRW State President Delegate), Linda Amos (Wood County RWC - Member at Large Delegate).

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October 20-21
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Fall Gathering

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October 20-21

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March  22-24, 2018
Spring Board Meeting
Crystal Gateway Marriott
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September 26-29, 2019
40th Biennial
JW Marriott Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
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The OFRW has prepared a form that can be used to present the monthly treasurer's report. A report should be prepared and given at each club meeting. These reports  are never approved at a meeting, as club members do not have access to receipts and statements covered in the report. The monthly treasurer's reports are simply accepted by the President and the statement made that the  report will be filed for review. A copy is then included with the minutes for that meeting. At the end of the membership year, all reports for the year should be submitted to a review committee - along with all of the supporting documentation (deposit receipts, statements, bills, monthly bank statements, etc.). The review committee should present its report covering the previous year's financila activities of the club at the first meeting of each membership year -- and this is what is given approval/acceptance (or not) by the membership. This report is also filed with the minutes of the club.

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Judicial Voter Guide issued
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OFRW Adopts Mission Statement
The mission of the
Ohio Federation of Republican Women

 is: To inform, engage and advocate for the principles
 set forth by the Republican Party
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