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A message from
Lyn Bliss

On behalf of the OFRW
Welcome to a new Club ─
Ashtabula County Republican Women
OFRW sisters - we have great news! President Carol Lovas of Ashtabula County Republican Women has submitted all the necessary application materials for that club to join the OFRW and NFRW. Upon official approval by the Board they will join the four other new clubs we have added! Welcome Republican ladies and HUGE thanks to the OFRW Membership Committee!

Summer is here and it is so VERY nice to see things alive and green again, flowers blooming and gardens growing!

What a wonderful Tribute to Women was recently held. The committee, headed by Chair Marilyn Clark and Co-chair Pat Ratz, did an outstanding job. There were 22 honorees (Marilyn was surprised to become an honoree herself) and 134 reservations - which seems to be a record for recent events! Well done ladies, it was a superb event. The honorees are fantastic examples of what it means to be a Republican Lady and give of your time and talents to your community not only in the political arena but the civic, religious and family areas, also. Please click HERE for a photo story of the event. Thank you ladies for all of your work!

Everyone is talking about the upcoming presidential elections and the events that lead up to November 2016 when the final decision is rendered by the voters. If you are like me, you are finding it hard to keep track of everyone who has declared to be a candidate, have formed an exploratory committee, or may be just thinking about running. Click HERE for a great website that tracks all this. As I am writing, it looks like there are 31 who have declared themselves to be candidates. By the time you are reading this, there may be more!

Please click HERE for information on attending the Cleveland Convention and also how to volunteer to help at the first debate and the Convention.

Please remember that the OFRW by-laws have very specific rules of policy to be followed regarding candidates in a primary election:

Article III: Policy
  1. In a contested primary no member of the Board of Directors shall use her position to endorse a candidate. If found in violation by the Board of Directors, the member shall be removed from office.
  2. No Club, or its President, shall use the name of the Club to endorse any candidate in any contested primary, from the national to the local level. If found in violation by the Board of Directors, revocation of membership may result.
  3. During a primary, when one nominee in a contested race is invited to a Club, all nominees Republican for that office shall be extended invitations. Every effort shall be made to give all candidates in a contested primary equal exposure.
  4. No OFRW, or Club Officer, shall use her position to support a candidate running on any opposition ticket.
  5. In all non-partisan elections, Federated Republican Women should support only Republican Candidates.
  6. Members are encouraged to become active in primaries as individuals.
  7. Federated Republican Women should work for the selection of qualified Republicans to appointive local and state offices, boards and commissions.
The main key is that as a member, you do not give up your rights to participate in the election process - in fact you are (#6) encouraged to become active in primaries as individuals. Members may NOT, however, use the name of the OFRW or the local club - or any office held in the OFRW or that local club - when giving exposure to a candidate. The easiest rule of thumb is - we support Republican Candidates -- and in this instance, until the convention is over, there is no official candidate of the Republican Party to be supported. Right now, all of the candidates are vying to become THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE. So, as an organization, we may not give more exposure to one particular candidate, than we do for any of the other 30 (or whatever number there might be by now). Whenever you support a particular candidate please be sure to do so in a manner that would never connect it in any way to the OFRW, your local club, or any office you might hold in either.

Please put the Fall Conference on your calendars -- October 3rd at the Worthington Hills Country Club. The Board of Directors will be meeting at 8:30 a.m. and the Conference will begin at 10 a.m. The two have been combined as a one day event in an effort to save members the expense of lodging requiredd to stay over-night.This is an experiment to see how it works out - so, please bear with us!

County Fairs are just starting - if your party has a tent/booth/building please see if your club can have a display and sign-up sheet for interested ladies to leave their name and contact information. Another idea is to have a gift certificate - or other prize - offered as a drawing. At the end of the fair, sort out those that appear to be women and contact them to see if they would be interested in coming to a club meeting. If they are, have a member volunteer to pick them up and bring them or meet them personally at the door prior to the meeting.

The 38th NFRW Biennial will be held in Phoenix September 10-13. Click HERE for all the details. It is being held at a wonderful resort and will be a great time - please attend if you can!

Have a GREAT summer, see you this fall.

Lyn Bliss, President

Click HERE to view second quarter issue of Victory's Voice - the OFRW Newsletter.

Click HERE to download a printable copy of the NFRW's July Roundtable Newsletter.

Cllick HERE for the latest information from the ORP.

OFRW Political Education and LegislativeCommittee
Provides Comment on Many Issues
Resource for Discussion Topics
Click HERE - and be sure to scroll down -- to see some of the ideas presented.

The OFRW gives a “ Hats Off” and salute to our members and/or clubs serving  within the OFRW and their home communities. We value their time, talent and contributions in making Ohio a great state in which to live and prosper. If you, or members of your club, would like to give a “Hats Off” salute to a member please click HERE to email the information.
Calling all OFRW Members

Will you please take photos at your club events and submit them to the OFRW Webmaster -- so they may be featured on the homepage. We'd like to see some different faces here.......... And, other clubs would like to see what you are doing! Please include list of names and brief description of the photo. Also, any information you would like to submit for 2015's second edition of the OFRW Newsletter, please do so! Click HERE to submit information. THANKS!

Club Treasurers - Please Remember

As your dues come in from members, please send them to the OFRW with the completed membership reporting form. The form may be found in your President's Leadership Manual or online by clicking HERE.

Your Board Served You Well in 2014
  ─ OFRW Board Overview ─

The OFRW Board led the organization very responsibly during 2014. These are a few of its accomplishments:
  • Finished the 2014 year $6,000+ under budget. The 2014 budget called for using $5,682 from reserves. The Board managed resources very wisely, resulting in NO funds being used from reserves. Its management was so good, in fact, that a small amount was ADDED to the reserves.
  • This financial achievement was possible at the same time the Board insured the corporation at an unbudgeted expense of $1,200+, and
  • The Board also provided two new FREE member service events in 2014 - Judicial Day and Legacy Luncheon.
  • A great deal of the thanks for this positive financial situation should go to all who helped raise funds for the organization - the Cardinal Fund chairs broke a number of records!
  • The OFRW had some of the largest participation in our statewide board meeting/conferences that has been experienced in quite a few years.
  • The Campaign Committee enabled the OFRW to be a finalist for the prestegious National Reed Award in Campaigning and Elections for our call in support of re-electing Justices French and Kennedy.
  • The Board tied the best membership record held by any term during the past 16 years
  • The Board has worked hard and is now well on its way to having meetings that conform to legitimate parliamentary procedures - guaranteeing all a voice.
Your Board is working for you -- and working well. Congratulations to all who serve on the OFRW Board of Directors, you are doing a wonderful job!
Bright Ideas
 from NFRW Membership Chair
 Elaine Miller
 Click HERE to download Elaine's report
contact OFRW Membership Chair Robin Dodge
for some bright ideas of  her own regarding membership building right here in Ohio ─
Click HERE to email Robin


The 9th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit is headed to Columbus, Ohio on August 21 and 22! The event moves around the country each year and it’s a chance for thousands of defenders of freedom to come together to learn, be inspired, and celebrate our liberty. This year’s conference will be one of the most exciting, educational, motivational and inspiring events you have ever attended.

The agenda will be packed with dozens of business and civic luminaries, public officials and national media personalities, who all have stories to share about the American dream and insights into how we can work to preserve it.

Since the 2014 Summit, we’ve made great progress in many states, and even on some federal policies, when it comes to achieving our limited-government agenda. But we still have many challenges ahead of us and many opportunities to advance economic freedom in our communities—and it can’t happen without you!

Come to Columbus and connect with other like-minded activists. Discover how to counter the policies of the left and get the training you need to help reform America. Be a part of the grassroots movement that continues to spark new ideas and is creating a path for the future that will bring wellbeing and prosperity to you, your family and your business.

Please note: Click HERE for a limited time offering of registration at only $50! Please register using our Ohio specific link. 

Mark Your Calendars Make Sure You Don't Miss:

August 6 - First Republican Presidential Debate in Cleveland
Schedule a Debate Watch Party with your club -  invite the community

October 3 - OFRW Fall Board Meeting
and Fall Conference

December 13 - Wreaths Across America Trip to Arlington National Cemetery to help with Laying of  Wreaths on graves (details to follow)

Want to attend the 2016 Republican Convention?
Click HERE for a special offer from the
Ohio Republican Party
To let the Ohio Republican Party know that you would be interested in volunteering at either the debate or the convention, please send your name and contact information to:
Volunteer to work at the debate:
Volunteer to work at the convention:
Please consider hosting a "Debate Watch Party" in your county

The Republican National Committee has adopted a schedule of nine sanctioned debates as part of the nomination process, beginning in August 6, 2015 in Cleveland. Please consider your Club's hosting a "Debate Watch Party" - particularly for the first debate on August 6, to be held in Cleveland.

August 6, 2015
Fox News - Cleveland, Ohio
Please contact First Vice-president Jeanne Bolton for details.
Click HERE to email Jeanne or call her at: 740-587-4248
Tribute To Women
Click HERE to view on YouTube
Ottawa County Republican Women's Club
Decorates for Independence Day

Karen Crall and Laura Mercer
Literacy/MELP Launches Pilot Program

Click HERE to download a .pdf of the above flyer

Click HERE to see more activities of the Licking County Republican Women's Club

The Licking County Republican Women's Club has started a literacy initiative with Newark Libraries. As mentioned, this is a pilot adult tutoring  program organized under the umbrella of the OFRW (Ohio Federation of Republican Women) and NFRW (National Federation of Republican Women) Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Program or MELP.

We are offering a one day training/information session on Monday, July 20 at the Newark Public Library in Newark.  Our presenter, Kristy Szkudlarek, is the Administrator for a similar tutoring program in Findlay, which has been in operation since 1987. 

This is open to all LCRW members, associate members and prospective members.  Priority will be given to members, of course, but we encourage you to bring along other interested individuals. To reserve your seat, please email me by clicking HERE or call me at 740 587-1114.  Participation in this workshop is not  mandatory for tutoring, but many have expressed an interest in  some form of training.  If you are unable to attend the July 20 workshop, but would like information,  please let me know.

Thank you for being a great American and caring about our wonderful country by helping  American Citizens in a real way! That is what the Republican Party is about!

Blessings to you and yours
Medina County Republican Women to Host Luncheon

11:45 a.m. - 1 p.m ~ July 31, 2015
Williams on the Lake, 787 Lafeyette Road, Medina
$20 ~ sit down lunch features locally produced foods.
Mail Reservations and Checks to:
Medina County Republican Women
5461 Carriage Lane, Medina 44256
Canfield Republican Women's Club
Hosts Quarter Auction

   For more photos click HERE and HERE
Bolton Republican Women's Club
to Host Special Event

Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file of the above flyer

Click HERE to see more information on The Bolton Republican Women's Club and its upcoming activities.
BRWC holds meeting June 6
 Warren Republican Women's Club
Installs New Officers

L to R:  Treasurer Sandi Mahaffey, Secretary Judi Shortreed, Installing Officer Eddie Wolcott, Second Vice-president Peggy Boyd, First Vice-president Cary Ann Koren, President Barbara Rosier-Tryon
 Delaware County Republican Women's Club

Sarah Jan Tausch and Jean Lent raffling $20 Panera gift card at the Farmers Market to raise money for DCRWC scholarship fund! Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. 

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Each of these pages are to be used to share ideas, thoughts, achievements, congratulations, etc. Please make use of them. You may just find a solution when you are faced with a problem! Check into your district page and find out what information your District Vice-president has to offer to the clubs in your district!
Don't miss using these great membership building tools:
Membership Display Posters
to use at Fairs, Festivals and Republican Events
The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard.

For more information regarding the various themed membership campaigns,
click HERE to contact Membership Chair Robin Dodge 
What does the Republican Party stand for, believe in, and fight for???
??  Have you ever read the Republican Party Platform  ??
Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file.
Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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