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Club Awards Submittals are due before January 31, 2015. Awards form may be found by clicking HERE Clubs - Please make sure to submit the list of your 2015 officers and all of the contact information for each (even if they are the same as last year). Forms are in your Club's Leadership Manual or may be found by clicking HERE.
Welcome to 2015!
As you set up your club programs for the year - here are some GREAT ideas!!

As a new year begins and we individually look back to inventory all of our blessings and look forward to setting those resolutions to improve our lives, the Armed Forces/Homeland Security Committee encourages all of the OFRW clubs to do the same within their clubs.  Take stock and set goals.  Make support of our troops a priority in your club.

We are all so appreciative of the sacrifices made daily by the brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces!  Our committee would like to encourage each of the OFRW clubs to adopt and maintain a robust, active outreach in support of the military.  Remember, outreach and engagement activities are ideal ways to energize those who are already part of the OFRW family and to showcase the local clubs to potential members as well - making us wonderful ambassoadors in our communities.

Our committee is also vigorously exploring ways to provide civilian homeland security training to all OFRW members on such subjects as prevention, preparation and protection. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities!  If you are interested in serving on the Armed Forces/Homeland Security Committee, please contact Rhonda Colvin or Janet Kushlan.

Click HERE to visit the Homeland Security/Armed Forces Committee webpage for all the committee information.
A message from
Lyn Bliss

This brings wishes for a wonderful and successful 2015!

As we saw December, and thus 2014, come to an end all I could do was to reflect on the rewards of the dedication and commitment contributed by our members! It has been overwhelming to watch the successes of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women in 2014! We, as a group, have tackled some very big challenges during this past year, and together we have been able to overcome them and move on toward our avowed goals.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to also thank each of you for your steadfast efforts, patience and commitment to the Federation and its goals. Every achievement and every step into uncharted efforts was accomplished, in one way or another, because of one of you. The cooperation and collaboration of our membership has been the engine that has driven all of our successes. You are, each and everyone, the reason I received the letter below from the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges. YOU made it possible!

You ladies are who run our organization and serve as ambassadors for the Republican Party in your communities - day in and day out. It is you who make this organization both vital and successful. Each of you deserves huge thanks for your consistent commitment, new solutions for problems, exciting insights and your will power to make new and adventuresome things happen!

The OFRW could not be more greatly blessed than to have a membership base of ladies like you! It has been both a wonderful experience and an honor to serve as President this past year – knowing that there are members who will go that extra mile to make things happen, also made the President’s job all that much easier! I would put you ladies up against any other team of ladies any where, any day – and know, without a doubt, you would collectively accomplish whatever the task might be in front of you for the OFRW. And, there is much with which we will be tasked, as Chairman Borges identifies.

With all of the wonderful skills, talents and dedication among our membership – I have little doubt that 2015 will be a most successful year for the OFRW. It is my sincerest wish that you have a wonderful 2015 in your personal and family life.  Again, thank you for all the positive things you have done for the OFRW the past year!

Lyn Bliss, President
Phone/Text: (937) 423-2299
Dear Lyn
My message this week is simple. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank You for all the work you did to make 2014 a year we'll never forget.  In this time of celebration and reflection, I look back with gratitude for the thousands of Ohioans who contributed in ways great and small to our victories this past November.
I feel blessed to be Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and to have the opportunity to support so many officeholders, volunteers, candidates, donors and others who are creating a better state for our children to grow up in.
This year we knocked on over 164,000 doors, made over 1 million phone calls, re-elected five state-wide officeholders, two Supreme Court Justices, all of our Congressional delegation, won a record 65 Ohio House seats and kept our stranglehold on the State Senate.  In addition, Governor Kasich won 86 of 88 counties and Rob Portman successfully led the national effort to send Harry Reid back to the minority. To cap it all off, we also landed the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Of course none of this success will mean anything in the next election cycle. We will have to win races up and down the ballot, keep Senator Portman in the Senate, host a successful National Convention, and deliver Ohio for the Republican Presidential nominee.
We have our work cut out for us, but I know our Republican family is up to the task.
Merry Christmas,
Matt Borges
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
p.s. Go Bucks!

OFRW Political Education and Legislative Chair
Kate Burch
Letter Published in Wall Street Journal
"I read with great interest Ms. Rabinowitz’s piece, not least because my friend, fellow psychologist and retired Army Reserve Col. Dr. Kathy Platoni, was present during the Fort Hood massacre. She was actually one of Nidal Hasan’s prime targets, having been newly assigned to supervise him. By pure luck she was in a different building when the shooting started, but five of her people weren’t so lucky, one dying in her arms.

Dr. Platoni is a nationally recognized expert on post-traumatic stress disorder and a passionate advocate for veterans. She has been vocal in her outrage over the unforgivable neglect of the needs of the victims and their families. She describes some of them having been made destitute by their medical expenses that are not provided for them because of the government’s refusal to designate the attack an act of terrorism.

Dr. Platoni’s retirement wasn’t her choice; she was separated from the Army as part of a downsizing, leaving the Army Reserve with a number of mental-health professionals arguably inadequate to meet the need. It does make one wonder when the government seems bent on disrespecting, neglecting and even, frankly, harming the people who actually act in the service of their fellow Americans.

Kathleen J. Burch, Psy.D.
Dayton, Ohio"

  ~ December  17, 2014

Please visit the Political Education/Legislation
webpage -- under "Committees"
Click HERE
for some outstanding articles, commentary and opinions!

Jeanne Bolton sworn in as
OFRW First Vice-president

OFRW President Lyn Bliss congratulates newly sworn-in OFRW First Vice-president Jeanne Bolton.
~ April Cohagen-Gibson Photo

Club Officers Forms are due
January 15

    Each club should submit the form with their 2015 Officers listed (along with all of the contact information for each officer) to the OFRW before January 15.

     The form may be found in your President's Leadership Manual - which should have been handed to all new incoming Club Presidents.

    The form may also be downloaded by clicking HERE

    This is also a good time to include your onetime NFRW annual  $15 service fee (be conservative and save the cost of a stamp).
The NEW Fourth Quarter "Victory's Voicenewsletter has been sent via U.S. Mail to all who do not have email --
and via email to all for whom OFRW has an email address.
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NFRW Resolutions passed at the
2014 Fall Board of Directors Meeting

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Club Achievement Awards Forms
Now Available on the NFRW Website

       The club achievement awards forms are now available on the NFRW website and can be accessed by clicking HERE. Clubs are encouraged to fill out the awards forms progressively over the next year. They are due to the NFRW Achievement Awards Committee no later than June 30, 2015, although programs and events scheduled to take place after that can be counted until the end of December 2015.
       Clubs will be recognized at the 38th Biennial Convention in Phoenix, Arizona September 10-13, 2015.

Please be aware that this is different than the awards given by the Ohio Federation of Republican Women.
Click HERE for information regarding OFRW Club Awards
OFRW Clubs help with
Wreaths Across America

Ottawa County Republican Women's Club's Diane Belden and Sandy Shikoh-Fleenor honoring their Fathers at wreaths across America. Their Fathers were great buddies.

Darke County Republican Women's Club members and OFRW President Lyn Bliss (L) and OFRW Chaplain Barbara Fee (R) were present to help lay wreaths at the Dayton Veterans Cemetery. Members from 4 area clubs participated: Greater Dayton, Oakwood, Xenia and Darke County.
Young Republican Women of Cincinnati
hold Christmas Party

Food collected to donate by the YRWC

Click HERE to visit the YRWC website for more information and photos. 
~ Robin Dodge Photo
Cardinal Victorian Christmas Tea
Beavercreek Republican Women's Club
Installs New Officers

(Left to Right): Installing Officer Dr. Tom Koroscil, Corresponding Treasurer Sandy Feix, Corresponding Secretary Jo Broughton, Recording Secretary Carol Smith, Vice-president Debborah Wallace and President Karen Kasparek.
Canfield Republican Women's Club
Donates to Airman's Attic

Holly Baker (L), President of the Canfield Republican Women’s Club and Simona Dignan (R), Organizer of the Airman’s Attic and wife of Base Commander James Dignan. Click HERE to read full story.
Darke County Republican Women's Club
Installs 2015 Officers

Left to Right, newly installed officers Treasurer Dori Howdieshell, Secretary Betty Hill, President JoEllen Melling, Corresponding Secretary Lila Pinney, 2nd Vice-president Pepper Wright. Not shown, First Vice-president Marilyn Hittle.
Delaware County Republican Women's Club
Installs New Officers

From left to right: President Karin Eldredge, Vice-president  Rhonda Ball, Secretary Mary Lou Saliaris, Treasurer Traci Shalosky, and Chaplain Janet Brenneman
Greater Dayton Women's Republican Club
Honors Colette St. Laurent
Daughter of member Kim St. Laurent
Chosen to appear in
Dayton Ballet's "The Nutcracker"

Click HERE to read more about this.
Licking County Women's Republican Club
Welcomes New Officers

(Left to Right) OFRW President Lyn Bliss installs the incoming LCWRC Officers: President Kathy Wise, First Vice-president Elaine Kent, Secretary Joan Grube,
Membership Chair Debbie Shull, and Parliamentarian Jane King.Click HERE for more photos from the Christmas Celebration.
Miami County Women's Republican Club
Welcomes New Officers

Left to right: Judge Kay Wagner shown with President Mary Beth Kemmer, Vice-president Ann Baird and Secretary General JoAnn Disbrow
Republican Council of Oakwod
Holds Christmas Celebration


The Sweet Caroline's Quartet entertained after the luncheon. Members came from clubs around the Miami Valley.To see more information regarding the Republican Council of Oakwood, click HERE
Ottawa County Republican Women's Club
holds Christmas Party

To see more photos from the event, click HERE
Marion County Republican Women's Club
Holds Christmas Party

To see more photos from the event, click HERE
Preble County Women's Republican Club
host Christmas Party

Left to right: Jeanne Creech, Diane day, Sherry Hurst, LaVon Wright, and Sylvia King

Left to Right: Mindy Robbins, President Brenda Ross , Lavon Wright
~  Missy Mae Walters Photos
Xenia Republican Women's Club
Hosts Attorney General Mike and Fran DeWine

at its Christmas Party

To see more photos from the event, click HERE

Welcome to the newly elected OFRW Officers
First Vice-president Jeanne Bolton
East District Vice-president LeeAnn Johnson
Northwest District Vice-president Barbara Taylor
The OFRW has new officers and we are sure you will enjoy meeting them. Jeanne Bolton - our previous Central District Vice-president has been elected to serve out this term as First Vice-president. LeeAnn Johnson has been elected to serve out this term as East District Vice-president and Barbara Taylor has been elected to serve out this term as Northwest District Vice-president. These ladies are going to be wonderful resources and bring added skill sets to our OFRW Leadership Team. In addition to their superb individual leadership skills and political backgrounds, LeeAnn is Congressman Bill Johnson's wife and Barbara Taylor is Deputy District Director for Congressman Jim Jordan. Jeanne Bolton has been on Governor Kasich's campaign teams since his first run for elected office. We hope you will join us in extending a warm welcome to these ladies as they take on their new duties for the OFRW. And, please give them a personal welcome the first time you see them.

Not Sure Why Your Club Is Shrinking

Ask these questions
  • Are the meeting time, location and format  convenient for ladies with families and/orTo see more photos from the event, click HERE young professionals?
  • Does my club reflect the professional diversity, age, and gender of the Republican community in my area?
  • Do the programs offered by my club represent a wide range of interests?
  • Does my club concentrate on candidate activities and also: club business, speakers, networking  and project planning?
  • When my club has a guest, do we welcome them, introduce them and then do we have a plan in place to contact that guest after the meeting?
  • Does my club have specific projects that we accomplish?
Don't miss using these great membership building tools:
Membership Display Posters
to use at Fairs, Festivals and Republican Events
The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard.

For more information regarding the various themed membership campaigns,
click HERE to contact Membership Chair Robin Dodge 
What does the Republican Party stand for, believe in, and fight for???
??  Have you ever read the Republican Party Platform  ??
Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file.
Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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