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Calling all OFRW Members

Will you please take photos at your club events and submit them to the OFRW Webmaster -- so they may be featured on the homepage. We'd like to see some different faces here.......... And, other clubs would like to see what you are doing! Please include list of names and brief description of the photo. Click HERE to submit information. THANKS!

On the Move

Legislative Day and Board Meeting

The "Red Coats" stormed the Capital on Legislative Day (Ohio is in the back row - left side - yes, we are there!)

OFRW representatives waiting to enter U. S. Capitol for Legislative Day, L to R front row: Kristin Peters, April Cohagen-Gibson. L to R back row: Marilyn Clark, Lyn Bliss, Robin Dodge, Janet Kushlan, Jeanne Bolton and Eva Wray (Carol Salome not shown).

The view from Speaker John Boehner's Balcony
L to R: Janet Kushlan, April Cohagen Gibson and Robin Dodge

Waiting to see the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John A. Boehner - L to R: April Cohagen Gibson, Robin Dodge and Janet Kushlan

NFRW and OFRW Women's Health Issues Chair April Cohagen Gibson giving her Committee's report to the NFRW Board of Directors.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst (C) was honored speaker at the NFRW Networking reception. She paused for a brief conversation with OFRW President Lyn Bliss (L) and NFRW Past-president Sue Lynch (R)

At dinner the last night in Arlington - L to R: Jeanne Bolton, Eva Wray, Robin Dodge, Beau Dodge, Carol Salome, Lyn Bliss
Club Treasurers - Please Remember

As your dues come in from members, please send them to the OFRW with the completed membership reporting form. The form may be found in your President's Leadership Manual or online by clicking HERE.

RNC Adopts Presidential Debate Schedule

The Republican National Committee has adopted a schedule of nine sanctioned debates as part of the nomination process, beginning in August 6, 2015 in Cleveland. Please consider your Club's hosting a "Debate Watch Party" - particularly for the first debate on August 6, to be held in Cleveland.
Dates, location, and host are as follows:
August 6, 2015
Fox News - Cleveland, Ohio
September 2015
CNN, California
October 2015
CNBC, Colorado
November 2015,
Fox Business, Wisconsin
December 2015
CNN, Nevada
January 2016
Fox News, Iowa
February 2016
ABC News, New Hampshire
February 2016
CBS News, South Carolina
February 2016
NBC/Telemundo, Florida
Three additional debates are pending. They are:
March 2016
Fox News, location TBD
March 2016,
CBS News, location TBD
Date TBD
Conservative Media Debate, location TBD

 Please reserve April 24 and 25 on your calendar
so you will be able to join OFRW members from around the state as
Convention Co-chair Jo Ann Davidson
ORP Chairman Matt Borges
(member of the presidential debate committee)
provide an update and details regarding the
2016 Republican Convention to be held in Cleveland.
The OFRW gives a “ Hats Off” and salute to our members serving  within the OFRW and their home communities. We value their time, talent and contributions in making Ohio a great state in which to live and prosper. If you, or members of your club, would like to give a “Hats Off” salute to a member please click HERE to email the information.
Hats off to:
  • Lyn Bliss (Darke) - appointed to the Darke County Metropolitan Housing Authority Board and re-elected as secretary of that board
  • Jeanne Bolton (Licking) - elected as OFRW First Vice-president
  • Kate Burch (Greater Dayton) Chair of OFRW Political Education/Legislation Committee - political letter published in the Wall Street Journal - click HERE
  • Mary Anne Christie (ORWO) Co-liaison to SCC for OFRW - appointed as a Designee for Commissioner Hartman on the Hamilton County Board of Revision
  • Judith French (Darke) - sworn in to serve on the bench of the Supreme Court of Ohio
  • Marianne Hemmeter (Delaware) - appointed as Delaware Municipal Court Judge by Governor Kasich
  • Kristen Johnson (Hancock) - sworn in as Judge of the Hancock County Probate and Juvenile Court
  • LeeAnn Johnson (Washington) - elected as OFRW East District Vice-president
  • Sharon Kennedy (Butler) - sworn in to serve on the bench of the Supreme Court of Ohio
  • Judith Lancaster (Greater Dayton) Chair of  OFRW's Community Engagement - bought the Katharine Kennedy Brown Historical Marker project to the OFRW
  • Raya Mafazy (YRWC) - appointed to the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee
  • Janine Pratt (Miami) - sworn in as Judge of Miami County Court of Common Pleas
  • Carol Robb (Canfield) - sworn in to serve on Ohio's Seventh District Court of Appeals
  • Mary Lou Saliaris (Delaware) - elected to OFRW Central District Vice-president
  • Carol Salome (Licking) - elected to American Quarter Horse Foundation Board
  • Jennifer Springer (Knox) - sworn in as Juvenile/Probate Judge for Knox County
  • Terri Studer (Butler) Chair of OFRW Campaign Committee - implemented OFRW's first robo call on behalf of the Supreme Court Justice Candidates, the call was named as a finalist for the prestigious Reed Award given by Campaigns and Elections Magazine
  • Barbara Taylor (Licking) - elected as OFRW Northwest District Vice-president
  • Olive Thorp (Licking) - appointed as Licking County Treasurer
  • Mary Welsh-Schlueter (ORWO) - her group won a $1.1M Ohio Department of Education, Straight A Innovation grant for its STEM Career Readiness work w/Harvard and selected southwestern K-12 School Districts. In particular, the STEM work with girls and minorities is being recognized as highly significant.
  • Kathy Wise (Licking) - selected Treasurer for Senator Jay Hottinger
We will post any members' name whose information is submitted for recognition......but, to be posted, we must know about it, so please do let us know! These will be posted monthly. The next deadline for submissions is Februaray 25, 2015

Your Board Served You Well in 2014
  ─ OFRW Board Overview ─

The OFRW Board led the organization very responsibly during 2014. These are a few of its accomplishments:
  • Finished the year $5,285 under budget. The 2014 budget called for using $5,682 from reserves. The Board managed resources very wisely, resulting in NO funds being used from reserves. Its management was so good, in fact, that a small amount was ADDED to the reserves.
  • This financial achievement was possible at the same time the Board insured the corporation at an unbudgeted expense of $1,200+, and
  • The Board also provided two new FREE member service events in 2014 - Judicial Day and Legacy Luncheon.
  • A great deal of the thanks for this positive financial situation should go to all who helped raise funds for the organization - the Cardinal Fund chairs broke a number of records!
  • The OFRW had some of the largest participation in our statewide board meeting/conferences that has been experienced in quite a few years.
  • The Campaign Committee enabled the OFRW to be a finalist for the prestegious National Reed Award in Campaining and Elections for our call in support of re-electing Justices French and Kennedy.
  • The Board tied the best membership record held by any term during the past 16 years
  • The Board has worked hard and is now well on its way to having meetings that conform to legitimate parliamentary procedures - guaranteeing all a voice.
Your Board is working for you -- and working well. Congratulations to all who serve on the OFRW Board of Directors, you did a wonderful job in 2014!

Thank you!

Lyn Bliss, President
Canfield Republican Women's Club
Honors New Members


Joining the club Lori Everly from Leetonia who is a Senior Team Leader for L’dara International; Nell Higgins from Canfield and Jeanne Mitzel-Lowry from Poland. L to R: Membership Chair Jill Downie; Nell Higgins, Lori Everly, Jeanne Mitzel-Lowry; and President Holly Baker.
Marion County Republican Women's Club Members
Honored at Marion County Repbulican Harding Day Dinner


Jackie Smith (President MCRWC) was honored as Republican of the Year by the Marion County GOP. L to R: Smith, Marion County GOP Chairman John Matthews and Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost. Jackie was also presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Ohio Federation of Republican Women.

Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost (L) recognizes Margie and Fred Saull for their dedication and hard work during the recent election cycle.
Republican Council of Oakwood hosts
OFRW President Bliss as Featured Speaker


Presidents Brenda Ross (Preble County Women's Republican Club), Lyn Bliss (Ohio Federation of Republican Women), and Malou Hurst (Republican Council of Oakwood) enjoyed the luncheon hosted by the Republican Council of Oakwood.
Seneca-Sandusky Counties hold
cooperative Lincoln Day Dinner


Enjoying the evening are OFRW members L to R: Membership Co-chair, Cindy Bias, Membership Chair Robin Dodge, Photography Chair Tammy Puff and Amy Ikard.

Other Sandusky Republicans L to R: Terry Thatcher, Donna Thatcher, OFRW Past-president Jean Turner, Pat Turner and Peg Rettig.
A Note from your President
To provide total transparancy, verify my fiscal conservatism and my use of OFRW funds in a responsible manner, the following is provided to the OFRW membership. This is a service that has never been extended to the OFRW membership by any previous OFRW President. But, it is my belief that these are your funds and you should be able to see that they have been used to the best advantage in serving our constituent clubs and the OFRW in working toward achieving the objectives of the organization. 

The job of President is to help achieve the objectives of the organization and represent the OFRW at Republican events. All travel that I have done over the past year was done to represent the OFRW at GOP events and/or in an effort to help achieve one or more of the following objectives of the OFRW:
  1. Encourage Republican Women to join and become active in a Federated Club
  2. Assist our Clubs so that they can function more effectively
  3. Facilitate cooperation among Federated Republican Women's Clubs
  4. Provide political education and legislative information
  5. Provide a wider knowledge of the principles and policies of the Republican Party
  6. Increase the number of registered Republicans
  7. Recruit, promote and support qualified Republican Women for political office
  8. Give exposure to and work actively for all Republican candidates
  9. Lend support to the activities of other Republican organizations
The following comments are offered as clarification on some issues that I have heard were alleged regarding my use of OFRW funds for "incidentals":  
Lodging for club visits was used when it was possible to schedule visits at several areas in the same distant location for two consecutive days. This provided a net savings on travel expenses.
Other than NFRW/OFRW event registrations, registrations for any and all other events were paid by me.   
No meals, parking or taxi/shuttle costs were charged to the OFRW - I paid for all of those.
All mileages were computed using Google Maps and did not reflect my actual travel mileage - which often exceeded that listed by Google maps. As already mentioned, I tried to combine several visits in an area when I traveled across the state - that was not always possible, but for the most part, I was successful in that effort  -- thus, conserving the organization's funds.
Though many breakfasts, lunches, dinners and beverages/snacks were paid for while on the road and otherwise away from home, I did not submit any of those costs for reimbursement.
I paid for several lunches and/or dinners for office staff and other OFRW officers who spent their day helping in the office -- NONE were charged to the OFRW - even though previous presidents have done so.
Several times, I was traveling when my husband was rushed to the hospital -- thus, I had to also pay for pet boarding until such time as I returned home. Those amounts were never charged to the OFRW.  
IRS allows $ .56 per mile for travel -- I charged at the rate of $ .51 per mile   
A previous president had the stated policy of obtaining lodging if she was too far away from home at night to drive home safely. After almost having an accident when I traveled across the state and was returning home after 1 a.m., I adopted her policy and made the decision that if I was going to have to be on the road past midnight in order to get home, I would obtain lodging at the location of my meeting(s). 
When the budgeted amount for president's expenses ($9,500) was reached in September - the remainder of the year's expenditures were paid for by me -- in the amount of $2,815.22
In an effort to bring some relevance to the current amounts budgeted for your President, please be aware that part of the amounts budgeted and expended is based upon the President's willingness to travel and spend a considerable amount of time on the road in the service of the OFRW constituent clubs. As an example, $10,000 was budgeted for the 2000 and 2001 fiscal years. However, only $3,000 was budgeted in 2010 and $4,500 in 2011.  No accounting like this was ever issued. Additionally, there has been considerable inflation since budgeting was done in those years when a president was willing to travel extensively.
A recent previous president had one year expenses of approximately $6,000 and that was to pay for visits to 6 counties in addition to OFRW and NFRW events. Please note, that in addition to attending the same OFRW/NFRW events as that previous president,  I visited 34 separate counties on the money expended on your behalf - and returned to some a second time at their request for further information or help.     
With all that said, I believe you will notice that the only expeditures reimbursed were for travel (air fare x1, and mileage), lodging and OFRW/NFRW event registrations and a very few office supplies that I purchased only as a convenience to office personnel.
Please click HERE to download a complete accounting of the expenses for which your OFRW funds were used by your President in 2014.

I would also like to compliment the OFRW Treasurer Mary Beth Kemmer. She runs a VERY tight financial ship! Nothing is ever reimbursed unless there is adequate documentaion provided to her, and let me assure you, she checks and double checks all amounts submitted. Our organization is very lucky to have her as our treasurer.

I hope that this disclosure starts a trend of transparancy in the OFRW. It has been my privilege to serve you in 2014 and for those counties that I did not have time to visit - hopefully, I will see you during 2015!


Lyn Bliss
NFRW Club Achievement Awards Forms
Now Available on the NFRW Website
(Please do not confuse this with the OFRW Club Awards Program)
       The club achievement awards forms are now available on the NFRW website and can be accessed by clicking HERE. Clubs are encouraged to fill out the awards forms progressively over the next year. They are due to the NFRW Achievement Awards Committee no later than June 30, 2015, although programs and events scheduled to take place after that can be counted until the end of December 2015.
       Clubs will be recognized at the 38th Biennial Convention in Phoenix, Arizona September 10-13, 2015.

Please be aware that this is different than the awards given by the Ohio Federation of Republican Women.
Click HERE for information regarding OFRW Club Awards

Not Sure Why Your Club Is Shrinking

Ask these questions
  • Are the meeting time, location and format  convenient for ladies with families and/orTo see more photos from the event, click HERE young professionals?
  • Does my club reflect the professional diversity, age, and gender of the Republican community in my area?
  • Do the programs offered by my club represent a wide range of interests?
  • Does my club concentrate on candidate activities and also: club business, speakers, networking  and project planning?
  • When my club has a guest, do we welcome them, introduce them and then do we have a plan in place to contact that guest after the meeting?
  • Does my club have specific projects that we accomplish?
Membership Tip

This is the time of year when counties are holding their Lincoln and/or Reagan Day Events.

These events are attended by Republicans - and usually about half of them are women.....possible candidates for club membership.

We have a card that we would be glad to email you to have printed. Then, put one card at each place for the Lincoln/Reagan Day event. Have a pretty basket with bows, etc. by the door for interested ladies to drop their card into on the way out. (Also, make sure your card has a mailing address on it - just in case they forget to drop it in the basket.)

When your club is ready for a special meeting, have one member call one prospective member -- inviting her to the meeting and offering to pick her up.

This will usually net several new members for your club.

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Membership Display Posters
to use at Fairs, Festivals and Republican Events
The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard.

For more information regarding the various themed membership campaigns,
click HERE to contact Membership Chair Robin Dodge 
What does the Republican Party stand for, believe in, and fight for???
??  Have you ever read the Republican Party Platform  ??
Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file.
Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: lynbliss@ohfrw.com ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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