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Ohio Federation of Republican Women
Members Hold Prominent
Roles in New Leadership for the
Ohio Republican Party



to our Federated members:
  • Marilyn Ashcraft
  • Mary Ann Christie
  • Stephanie Garrett
  • Tracey Winbush
Ohio Republicans will be served well!

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Spring Board Meeting
March 16-18
Peabody Hotel
Memphis, Tennessee
Spring Conference
May 6
Details to follow

NFRW 39th
Biennial Convention
September 14-17
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Philadelphia, PA
Details to follow

2017 Club Officers List
and annual service fee
are due in January.
Click HERE for forms

All are to be sent to:
OFRW Treasurer
Mary Beth Kemmer
615 Sedgewick Way
Troy, OH 45373-5421

Tip of the Month for Club Presidents

Charting a course for 2017

Presidents, 2017 is here – if you have not already done so, you need to get plans for each month of the year in place. Also, your committee chairs should all be in place by the end of January.

Additionally a budget should be prepared by the club officers and/or your Board, to be presented to the general membership at the first meeting of the year. This should list anticipated income and expenditures for the upcoming year.

The list of your club officers needs to be submitted to OFRW before January 15. Click HERE for the form. You might consider having your treasurer send the annual $15 club service fee to OFRW Treasurer now, so that is done. This is a fee charged by NFRW to all Federated Clubs. The OFRW collects that amount and forwards it on fully to NFRW.

Your committee chairs might mirror those of the OFRW/NFRW so they can coordinate with the parent organization's activities. Click HERE to see a list of OFRW Committee Chairs.

Once those things are done, sit down with each committee chair and talk about their job and what they have in mind for the upcoming year. Ask them to provide at least one goal for their committee to achieve during the upcoming year. This is not your goal, it is the committee’s goal – if it makes sense and will further the goals of the club, be encouraging……you can claim equal credit because it happened while you were presiding.

A great guide for club presidents may be found by clicking HERE. Please disregard the 2016 deadlines - and look for the current 2017 deadlines and other events by clicking HERE.

Additionally, the 2016 club financial books should have been reviewed by a review committee with a report being given to the membership at the first meeting of the following membership year. This report is approved, or not, by the membership.
Judicial Voter Guide issued
Click HERE to find out about the new judicial voter guide that will feature candidate profiles, information about what judges do, descriptions about the duties of different courts, and brief videos of former judges explaining how the court system works.

Click HERE to view the final 2016 issue of Victory's Voice - the OFRW Newsletter. If you are not on the emailing list, click HERE to subscribe.

Click HERE to find a report from Stephanie Garrett regarding the most recent Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee.

Click HERE for great topics and viewpoints to explore at meetings.

Great opportunity for Grassroots and Leadership Seminars - Click HERE.
Click HERE to download the NFRW's guide, "IRS and 527 Reporting for Clubs"

Click HERE to view the latest Capital Connection

Click HERE to view the latest Leadership Newsletter

Click HERE to view the latest issue of the Roundtable

Click HERE to download a .pdf of the latest issue of the Roundtable

Click HERE to view the November-December Membership Newsletter - featuring the OFRW (scroll down to Page 2)

Click HERE to view the flipbook of what the NFRW has accomplished during the past two years.

Click HERE to downlad a high definition version of the NFRW membership video. Click HERE to view the video.

NFRW Launches New App

Keep up with the Federation when you're on the run
 with the NFRW's new mobile app.
Available for Apple and Android phones.
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Contact Patt Parker928-910-9255 or click HERE to email Patt

Great Ideas for
Meetings, Projects and Communications

Please click HERE for some great information
for leading your club -
provided by
the National Federation of Republican Women


Several OFRW Clubs use Mail Chimp (a free bulk Email service) to send notices regarding meetings, membership renewal and other communications of importance to members.

Click HERE to see the latest message sent to Bolton Republican Women's Club members.

If your club has not explored the possibility of using this method to communicate with your members, please do so - it's an invaluable tool. Click HERE to get started. AND -- need help?? please contact Janet Kushlan. Click HERE.

Darke County Republican Women's Club
Issues press release to local media
before and after each meeting

Click HERE to download a printable .pdf file of the release


If your club does not have a Facebook page or group, it would be a wonderful idea to find someone in your club to start and maintain one for your club. If your club does have a Facebook page and it is not listed in the links under the "On The Web" tab of the menu bar, please email your Facebook Group name by clicking HERE.


The OFRW has prepared a form that can be used to present the monthly treasurer's report. A report should be prepared and given at each club meeting. These reports  are never approved at a meeting, as club members do not have access to receipts and statements covered in the report. The monthly treasurer's reports are simply accepted by the President and the statement made that the  report will be filed for review. A copy is then included with the minutes for that meeting. At the end of the membership year, all reports for the year should be submitted to a review committee - along with all of the supporting documentation (deposit receipts, statements, bills, monthly bank statements, etc.). The review committee should present its report covering the previous year's financila activities of the club at the first meeting of each membership year -- and this is what is given approval/acceptance (or not) by the membership. This report is also filed with the minutes of the club.

Click HERE to download a .xlsx file that will automatically compute the totals after items are entered.

Click HERE to download a .pdf file that may be printed and items completed by hand.

Visit the
Republican National Committee
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Visit the

Ohio Republican Party Website
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To Download a printable .pdf copy of the
2016 Republican Party Platform
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NFRW Pre-Inaugural Open House
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U. S. Government
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Washington, D.C. Guide (2)
Other D.C. Attractions/Highlights to Visit
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Meetings, Events and Deadlines
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Click HERE to download a printable .pdf of the above flyer.
How to Start a
New Year:

This is a great communication sent to members of the Greater Dayton Women's Republican Club's Diogenes Supper Club --

Greetings to all of you Adorable Deplorables.

I think it's safe to say that we share a feeling of relief and a sense of renewed optimism about the direction of the country with the new administration.  We look forward hopefully to a rollback of excessive taxation and crippling regulations so that the business climate can be more inviting and opportunities more available for ordinary Americans.  We hope to see changes that will allow us to have greater peace and more security, domestically and internationally.  We want changes in health care and education that allow transparency and personal choice and halt the trends that increase costs and decrease accessibility.  We especially want protection of our Constitutional rights and renewed respect for traditional American values. 

Now!  We have four years, at least, to make a difference in our community.  We have had a number of great opportunities to become educated about issues and events.  Now, we have an opportunity to put our knowledge, our values, and our hearts and minds into action.  Even small things, done with great love and intentionality, can make large differences.

Our first meeting of the new year will be on Thursday, January 5, 6:30 P.M. at Figlio's, Town & Country shopping center.  It will be a planning meeting.  We are asking you to come with your ideas of projects/activities you would like for the Club to take on as part of a mission to make a difference. 

Our foundational document, the GDWRC By-Law Objectives states as the Club's purpose:
  • To uphold the Constitution of the United States of America at all times
  • To bring together in a spirit of fellowship, Republicans for service to the Republican Party in Montgomery County
  • To promote an informed electorate through political education and legislative information
  • To recruit, promote and support qualified Republican women for political office
  • To increase the number of registered Republicans
  • To assist in electing to office the Republican Party's nominees
The meeting will be a free-form brainstorming session.  Pretend that you have all the money, time, and resources in the world.  Now, what would you like to do in the Greater Dayton area to:
a. Push back the liberal boundaries that have invaded our lives
b. Make a difference in our community in a social area
c. Get good Republicans (especially women!) elected in our area
d. Other...
Please bring or send your ideas. ([email protected])  Feel free to add a few sentences of detail or explanation to the idea, and it will be exciting when we put them all together and get the synergy going.

We will commit to one year for any project on which the Club decides, and then evaluate whether we wish to continue it.

We welcome and appreciate input from any of our friends and members.  However, since we are making decisions for the Club, voting can be done by full members only.  Therefore, please pay your dues before the meeting or bring $35.00 for your dues to the meeting, and we will collect dues before the meeting begins.  If you wish to send a check, made out to GDWRC, you may mail it to Treasurer Martha Schwendeman, 4324 Pine Castle Ct., Dayton, OH 45424.

Please reply to this email and let me know whether you can join us next Thursday. 

Looking forward to seeing you and to an exciting several years.



Republican Women of Hancock County
Make Christmas Donation
to City of Findlay Police Department


L to R: President Linda Casey, Jerry Casey, Secretary Miranda Lobdell, CFPD Officer Brian White & CFPD Chef Greg Horne

The CFPD posted the following on its Facebook Page: "We would like to thank the Hancock County Republican Women for stopping by the police department this afternoon and donating two Graco convertible child seats to the police department.

Occasionally officers are sent on calls, such as child removals for neglect issues, where children need transported to the police department and police cruisers are not usually equipped for this. In these cases, sometimes in the middle of the night, other family members or agencies are contacted for transportation which can take time and tie up officers.

The seats that were donated will be one more additional tool that officers can utilize in these cases. Thanks again to them."

Beavercreek Republican Women's Club
Celebrates 60 Year Anniversary

BCRWC President Jo Broughton with the 60 year commemorative poster.  The celebration was shared with a number of friends!


OFRW Adopts Mission Statement
The mission of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women
 is to inform, engage and advocate for the principles
 set forth by the Republican Party

I am.

By Cassie Hewlett

I am not racist. I am not homophobic. I am not sexist. I am not a misogynist. I am for free market. I am for stronger foreign policy. I am for small business. I am for my family. I am Republican.

With the results of the presidential election stirring up a vast amount of emotions, I think it is important to clarify something: just because I am Republican does not mean I am heartless. The point of this is not to debate political policies. It is to highlight what it felt like to be a Republican college student the day after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

On November 9th, I went to class and in every single one there was a somber attitude. Pre-lecture discussions were filled with phrases like “I am scared for our future”, “I am scared to be gay”, “How did this happen?”, and, by far the most bothersome, “People that voted for Trump are racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic selfish red necks”. Even my professors opened class with the assumption that everyone was sad about the result of the election by saying things like, “let’s not talk about last night. Ever.” or “No class on Friday. I’m house hunting in Canada.”

                        ~ to read the remainder of this post click HERE


Calling all OFRW Members

Will you please take photos at your club events and submit them to the OFRW Webmaster -- so they may be featured on the homepage. We'd like to see some different faces here.......... And, other clubs would like to see what you are doing! Please include list of names and brief description of the photo. Also, any information you would like to submit for the upcoming edition of the OFRW Newsletter, please do so! Click HERE to submit information. THANKS!

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Each of these pages are to be used to share ideas, thoughts, achievements, congratulations, etc. Please make use of them. You may just find a solution when you are faced with a problem! Check into your district page and find out what information your District Vice-president has to offer to the clubs in your district!
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Don't miss using these great membership building tools:
Membership Display Posters
to use at Fairs, Festivals and Republican Events
The OFRW Membership Committee has several posters available for your club to use as part of a membership building campaign. These may be used in conjunction with membership cards coordinated with the poster and also a sign-up clipboard.

For more information regarding the various themed membership campaigns,
click HERE to contact Membership Chair Janet Kushlan 
What does the Republican Party stand for, believe in, and fight for???
??  Have you ever read the Republican Party Platform  ??
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Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: [email protected] ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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