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Armed Forces - Homeland Security
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National Security Update

President Trump released his Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 President’s Budget (PB) on Tuesday. The 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) set a discretionary spending limit at $1.065 trillion, $5 billion less than FY 2017.  The president’s defense topline will be difficult to achieve as his defense spending level, of $603 billion is $54 billion above the BCA spending caps through FY 2021.   At this time last year, five of the House’s 12 spending bills had been voted out of committee. Since there are only ten legislative weeks remaining before the FY 2018 bill goes into effect, there is relatively little time to debate the defense budget and programs and other issues. In the meantime, the Legislative and Executive Branches will be debating healthcare, tax reform, and infrastructure spending, and raising the debt limit.  On a positive note, during our meetings on Capitol Hill, we are experiencing a bipartisan recognition that the US military has readiness and recapitalization needs.  AFA continues to advocate for stable and predictable (Regular Order) spending bills, at sufficient levels, necessary for the Total Force to grow their force, modernize their bases, and recapitalize aging weapon systems.  Congressional Budget Posture hearings start in earnest this week.
Why the Upcoming Election is SO Critical

A submission from the NFRW Armed Services Committee written by one of the NFRW Armed Services Committee members - Donna Gottschall, a club president from South Carolina. 

My second of four sons, Jordan Gottschall, knew at a very young age that he wanted to serve his country as a Marine. I knew at a very young age that I wanted all of my children to go directly to college from high school. Jordan honored my wishes: after graduating from high school, he went off to college and earned a business degree from Clemson University. He also followed his heart; while completing his studies at college, he applied for the Marines’ Officer Candidates School (OCS), got accepted, and upon his graduation from Clemson he was off to Quantico for training.

After his OCS training was complete, Jordan was selected to go on to the Infantry Officer Course (IOC) – a rigorous, grueling program designed to identify and develop effective combat leaders. As Jordan shared with me his experiences during his training, I was impressed that even though war tactics, survival skills, and marksmanship were part of the weekly training schedule, the daily schedule centered on training the officers to be strong leaders.

America's last five-star general, Omar N. Bradley, wisely said, "Leadership is an intangible. No weapon, no impersonal piece of machinery ever designed can take its place."

General Bradley commanded the million-man army in Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. In fact, he led our forces throughout World War II—from the D-day invasion, to the Battle of the Bulge, and finally to the surrender of the Nazis and the collapse of the Third Reich. General Bradley knew that it would take real leadership, not just guns and tanks, to win each battle, and ultimately the war.

Today, our Republican Party needs the wisdom and experience of a five-star general to command the millions of Americans in another Operation Overlord. This battle is not being fought on foreign soil, but in the courts and in the Capital of our great nation. Taking over the White House and restoring America's justice system may be as daunting a task as the landing of our troops on the shores of Normandy. Our party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and our Republican leaders will need all hands on deck to steer our nation through the turbulent waters that have been stirred and muddied by the hands of liberal government.

Our strength and our resolve will be tested at every turn. The battle ahead will not be won by the weak, the indecisive, or the moderate. It will be won by the strong, decisive, and conservative Americans who make their voices heard and who give themselves to the honorable cause of making America great again. No man—not even the President—can do this single-handedly. It will take each one of us, bound together by a spirit of determination and unity to achieve victory—for our candidates, and for our country.

My son and thousands of other troops took their call to serve their country seriously. I charge each of you to do your part by volunteering your time and your talents over the next five months to support our local and national Republican “troops”— our candidates. Their battle is fierce. To turn the tide in this battle and ultimately achieve victory, we must support and stand united together with our candidates.

Remember that the Upstate Republican Women’s Club is “The Working Club.” Let’s get behind our Republican candidates and be a good example to our community and our state.

~ Donna Gottschall

First Lieutenant Jordan Gottschall actively serves our country today as an Infantry Tactics Advisor in the Republic of Georgia as a member of the Georgian Training Team.
Please include this as part of your club's program plan for 2015!

The OFRW is pleased to announce the creation of the Armed Services/Homeland Security Committee. 

The intent behind developing an Armed Services/Homeland Security Committee within the OFRW is to encourage and enable all clubs to have a robust, active outreach in support of our military by initiating and conducting projects that aid our troops (veteran and active duty) and their families. Giving additional opportunities for our members to be ambassadors for the Republican cause in our communities. Click HERE for a list of programs your club might adopt to help promote in your community.

As a new year begins and we individually look back to inventory all of our blessings and look forward to setting those resolutions to improve our lives, the Armed Forces/Homeland Security Committee encourages all of the OFRW clubs to do the same within their clubs.  Take stock and set goals.  Make support of our troops a priority in your club.

We are all so appreciative of the sacrifices made daily by the brave men and women serving in our Armed Forces!  Our committee would like to encourage each of the OFRW clubs to adopt and maintain a robust, active outreach in support of the military.  Remember, outreach and engagement activities are ideal ways to energize those who are already part of the OFRW family and to showcase the local clubs to potential members as well - making us wonderful ambassoadors in our communities.

Our committee is also vigorously exploring ways to provide civilian homeland security training to all OFRW members on such subjects as prevention, preparation and protection. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities!  If you are interested in serving on the Armed Forces/Homeland Security Committee, please contact Rhonda Colvin or Janet Kushlan.

Our goal will be to educate all OFRW members to utilize the three “Cs” for security:
  • use CRITICAL judgment;
  • spread CAUTION and
  • CALL the authorities
Click HERE to download the above list in .doc file format
Click HERE to download the above listg in .pdf file format

Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: [email protected] ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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