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Attendee Reservations

              Please complete and submit one form for each person attending.
                                                 Please, use your "tab" key to move to the next input box.
This form is for Non-honorees planning to attend the
2015 Tribute to Women
Price is $37 per person
Last date to register to attend is June 12, 2017

Payment may be sent via US  Postal service to:
 Mary Beth Kemmer, Treasurer OFRW
 615 Sedgwick Way, Troy, Ohio  45373-5421

Or, you may submit your payment via Pay Pal:
After you have completed the form, please take a few seconds to make sure you have not made any typographical errors, and that each box contains an answer. Then,  please scroll down to the bottom and  click on "send it".  If you have any comments or questions, please call the OFRW Office at (614) 456-2054


First Name:
Middle Initial or Middle Name:
Last Name:
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Email Address:
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Total Amount Due:
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Please make sure that AFTER you click "send it" below, that a screen pops up titled:
"Form Submission Results"
If you do not see a page like that, then your registration has NOT been submitted.
Please confirm that you have entered information in EVERY box above and click "send it" again,
until you see the "FORM SUBMISSION RESULTS" screen.
You might wish to print a copy of that page for your records.

Thank you!
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