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Agriculture Committee

If you have comments, requests, and/or suggestions, please contact:

Rachael Vonderhaar, Chair
[email protected]
Jane Marshall, Co-chair
[email protected]
Ag Committee Report

The ag committee is currently working on and reviewing several important topics.

The CAUV agricultural property tax calculation in Ohio is putting a strain on our farmers. A combination in of the down turn in the current agricultural market place and the current rate at which farmers’ properties are being taxed in Ohio brings the question to mind if a storm is brewing? Land prices in Iowa and Illinois have already taken a down turn this past year according Dr. Barry Ward of the Ohio State University. Historically when we watch land prices in agriculture Iowa leads the way then Illinois. Ohio has had a down turn in 3 of the 4 quadrants. The quadrant holding ag land values and continuing to increase in value is the northwest quadrant due to the expansion of the livestock care sector. A new animal harvesting facility located in to Coldwater, Michigan which has created opportunity for livestock expansion all the way south through Darke County. Beyond Darke County is outside the radius for delivery to the new packing plant. The ag voice of Ohio has stayed relatively quiet in the current presidential primary. Trump and Cruz are extreme on their viewpoints especially Cruz when it comes to agriculture. Coming out of the Republican Party Kasich has the opportunity to connect with agriculture if he should some consideration of relief on the current CAUV tax situation, which only takes a stroke of a pen from the current head of the Ohio Department of Taxation. The voice of the people in the 8th district spoke loudly in the March primary & appointment to fill the open seat by overlooking the current experienced candidates that were running (State Senator Beagle & State Rep. Derickson). Where does our party go from here? We need to ask some hard questions.

Agriculture is facing major topics going forward outside of the current tax burden in Ohio: over regulation, market demand (without a TPP we lost market share to other countries who have filled orders), lower prices, climate extremes, & now looking like a drop in land values which will greatly affect the appearance of balance sheets and the ability to finance dollars. While crop prices were higher briefly their input prices rose quickly with them but the input expenses haven’t followed the downward trend with the market prices. Ag machinery manufacturers have already started reporting losses. The thought going forward in the ag finance community is that older farmers will start cashing out and retiring, too much risk exists in the current climate. Most ag economist believe we are in a downward trend through 2025.

Our committee continues to participate and take advantage of the numerous agricultural opportunities to listen, learn, & bring information back to our organization.

~ Rachael Vonderhaar
To educate women on those issues facing the agriculture sector of our society to include the voices of agriculture, its advocates and policy makers


•    Promotion of US agriculture products
•    Research efforts into new and alternate crops-genetically modified crops
•    SNAP program

Farm Bill (support of):
•    National Security
•    Support crop insurance at an affordable cost

Agriculture Labor:
•    Support of guest worker program
•    Immigration reform/farm bill to support workforce component
•    Support youth workforce without government intervention
•    Limit OSHA’s involvement with farm businesses

•    Youth education in nation’s agriculture (partner with Ag in Classrooms, 4-H and FFA)
•    Healthy Eating campaign
•    Ag-research into new, alternative and gmo crops

Water Quality and Resource Management:
•    Water quality programs to be managed by respective states
•    Clean water act programs
•    Limit scope of EPA and its authority

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