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What does your club need? What can we do for you?
If you do not let us know, we can not provide it for you......
Email your questions, requests and/or suggestions to
President Lyn Bliss:  [email protected]
call/text her at: (937) 423-2299
A glimpse of the OFRW 
 During the previous term (2014-2015)
Here are some of the things that the OFRW has done - of which you may not be aware.
 If there is something here that you would like to have made available specifically to your club, please contact us!

  • Held 4 Statewide Conferences (Spring and Fall of each year)
  • Had speakers and/or workshops at each of the Conferences
  • Prepared extensive handouts for all workshops
  • Held a VERY successful Tribute to Women event (2015)
  • Held a free Judicial Day, including free lunch, as a member service (2014)
  • Held Legacy Luncheon -- honoring those with 25 year membership or more. Free for honorees.

  • Membership - Member Services:
  • Four new clubs were officially chartered 
  • Updated the Leadership Manual annually
  • Phone and mail contacts with clubs that have been non-compliant for various reasons
  • Verified addresses and cleaned up database
  • President, Vice-president, and Membership Chair spoke at many clubs throughout the state
  • District Vice-presidents contacted and visited clubs within their Districts
  • Worked to help solve some very serious local internal club problems
  • Worked with several County Chairmen around the state to foster interest and formation of new clubs
  • Updated our OFRW by-laws through amendment to be in compliance with the NFRW
  • Maintained OFRW office with staff on a part time basis to meet the needs of our members
  • Re-arranged and cleaned out the office
  • Sent old records to Wright State University for archiving
  • Held 2 Cardinal events for donors - and broke fund raising levels with the Cardinal Fund
  • Gave Club Awards each spring in recognition of clubs which had done exceptional work during the previous year
  • Started several new OFRW Committees -  Armed Forces, Social Media, Mass Communications, Community Engagement, Agriculture, Government Affairs and Advocacy, Literacy/MELP, Next Generation, Social Issues, Protocol and Distinguished Guests, Technology, Resolutions and Grievances, and  Sergeants at Arms.
  • Began a PayPal feature to facilitate Clubs' submission of funds
  • Established three themed membership building campaigns with posters and cards
  • 2015 was the first year since 2000 that there were more clubs at the end of the year than there were at the beginning of the year -- we are growing!
  • Planned and facilitated trip for members to Arlington National Cemetery for Wreathes Across America

  • Communications:
  • Finished moving all forms and records into digital format to simplify sharing
  • Compiled and sent one hard-copy newsletter to all members and eight digital newsletters to all members with email addresses
  • Began Mail Chimp service for wide distribution of emails to members
  • Verified addresses and cleaned up database
  • Continuous updating of OFRW website with information and forms
  • Began several Facebook pages for the OFRW: Ohio Federation of Republican Women, OFRW Presidents, OFRW Political, OFRW Central, OFRW East, OFRW Northeast, OFRW Northwest, OFRW South, and OFRW Southwest.
  • Grew the Twitter presence for OFRW
  • President and Vice-president spoke at many clubs throughout the state
  • District Vice-presidents contacted and visited clubs within their Districts
  • Redesigned and updated the OFRW website
  • Subscribed to Survey Monkey as a tool for membership input

  • Candidate Services:
  • Members distributed 10,000 postcards for women candidates for the Supreme Court of Ohio
  • Endorsed women members who were candidates for state offices
  • Numerous members were county chairs, regional chairs or served in other statewide capacities for Ohio statewide candidates
  • Formed the first OFRW "One Stop Shop" for statewide candidates

  • Republican Party Coordination:

  • Met with ORP Chairmen Matt Borgess and ORP Political Director on a biannual bases for updating and coordination of efforts in support of the Ohio Republican Party
  • Passed four resolutions and sent letters to Ohio State Senate and House members in support of the resolution stance
  • Continued working with several County Chairmen around the state to foster interest and formation of new clubs

  • Interaction with National Federation of Republican Women:

  • Had a record breaking number of OFRW members serving on the NFRW Board of Directors
  • OFRW had member representation at all four Spring and Fall NFRW Board Meetings, including a Biennial Convention and Legislative Day - record numbers of OFRW members attended these events
  • Submitted a resolution in support of a Balanced Federal Budget and had it adopted at the NFRW Biennial Convention

  • Community Service and Interaction:

  • Raised over $4,000 to benefit our 2014-15 Caring for America Project: Truckin4Troops
  • Worked to have an Historical Marker placed on the grounds of the Katharine Kennedy Brown home and authorized funding for it
  • Participated in Wreathes Across America at Arlington National Cemetery

  •      Your OFRW officers care about your individual club and want to help you in any way possible. Please contact us if you want assistance or have questions about the OFRW - [email protected]

    Benefits of NFRW membership --

    The National Federation has one of the lowest membership rates in the country – just $10.00 per year. For this nominal fee, Federation members receive a wide variety of services and access to political activities and information at all levels of government.
    • As a member of the National Federation of Republican Women, you join a network of thousands of Republican women leaders and activists; enjoy networking opportunities and the ability to meet and develop relationships with women from across the country.
    • Have the opportunity to attend biannual board meetings and biennial national conventions, both of which include interactive workshops, exciting speakers, and informative programs and discussions.
    • Meet national Republican leaders and discuss current issues through our legislative
    • advocacy program.
    • Receive communications tools from NFRW headquarters, including the weekly e-mail newsletter and political briefing, CAP Alerts, membership recruitment tools, message development assistance, fund-raising tips, get out the vote information, campaign updates and much more.
    • Have access to the Member Web Site and on-line discussion forums.
    • Have access to free (or for a nominal fee) publications like the NFRW Leader's Guide, legislative Advocacy Manual, Protocol in Politics Guide, Candidate Recruitment Kit, Club Starter Kit, President's Survival Toolkit, brochures, etc. NFRW also offers a series of sample publications for local clubs to utilize, including a newsletter, brochure and sample membership letters.
    • Receive assistance in creating new Federated Republican Women's clubs.
    • Receive representation in Washington, D.C., including the services of a professional staff and maintenance of national headquarters, located just a few miles from Capitol Hill.
    • Empower more Republican women in the political process and increase the number of women in the party and in public office.
    • Have access to the NFRW’s digital communications, including the weekly and monthly newsletters and weekly political briefings, and free or nominally-priced publications like the Leader’s Guide, Membership Handbook, Legislative Advocacy Manual, and outreach/recruitment materials.
    • Full use of the Member Center, a private network on the NFRW web site available to members only. Includes the Digital Resource Library, which features committee and issue-related resources and materials, general organizational publications and forms, event information, graphics, and more.
    • Availability of sample materials, multimedia and resources that assist states and clubs with public relations and fundraising efforts, membership recruitment, campaign and issue advocacy programs, meeting planning, literacy and armed services initiatives, leadership development, community service, and more.
    • Assistance in creating new clubs, launching or updating a state or club web site, and other membership services.
    • Campaign Management Schools, Legislative Day at the U.S. Capitol, and other programs, workshops and seminars that offer members the opportunity to meet national Republican leaders, discuss key issues, and develop leadership, campaign and professional skills.
    • Networking opportunities and the ability to meet and develop relationships with women from across the country through online discussion forums and national events such as the biennial convention and annual board meetings. NFRW’s national events include interactive workshops, exciting speakers, and informative programs and discussions.

    What Your $10 NFRW Membership pays

    • Three issues of The Republican Woman per year
    • Free (or nominal fee) publications such as the Leader’s Guide, Legislative Advocacy Manual, Protocol in Politics, Candidate Recruitment Kit, Prayer Book, precinct organization manual, membership card and brochures. NFRW also offers a series of samples for local clubs to utilize, including a newsletter, brochure and sample membership letters
    • Access to the Member-Only web site, as well as help for clubs and states starting their own web sites
    • Maintenance of National Headquarters, just a few miles from Washington, D.C., and Capitol Hill, and a professional staff
    • Representation by NFRW on Capitol Hill and at the White House
    • Membership services, 527 IRS reporting information, Federal PAC information and professional fee information
    • Communication tools, including the weekly newsletter and political briefing, get-out-the-vote efforts, membership recruitment efforts, message development and sample newsletters and brochures
    • Campaign Management Schools and other programs and initiatives, including literacy programs and support our troops initiatives
    • Networking opportunities – the ability to meet and develop relationships with women from across the country.
    Please let us know how OFRW can be of service to your club ─ email President Lyn Bliss at: [email protected] ─ call/text: (937) 423-2299. Thank you!

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